Payment Info: after booking the session, we will contact online to discuss the details, images, your wardrobe, see the location, take a couple of test shots and set the day and time for our online or life photo session.

 Individual portrait online photo session

About 1 Hour online session

10-15 high quality digital photos

Outdoor life photo session

About 1 Hour life session

15 -20 high quality digital photos

Group, family or baby photo session online 

About 2 Hours online session

30 -40 high quality digital photos

Services. Online/offline mobile photographer from Australia Olga Conacher

  Outdoor life video-photo session  

Unlimited time needed for the video plot from 15 seconds to 5 minutes in the finished version. Can be as a story about a person, event, objects or pets. 

The best lighting is daylight, and the superior one is the lighting at sunset!

Makeup can be 2 times brighter, because a camera will wash out the most of it.

Plain, monochrome clothing (pastel, white, gray or black) is preferable, better without letters and prints, unless it is advertising.

A location next to the window seat with a monochrome backdrop is ideal for shooting.

Important:       Phone charge — 100%!      Storage memory available on the phone — 3 GB